Saturday, June 12, 2010

Medal of Honor Allied Assault [PC]

As Lt. Mike Powell, member of the famed 1st Ranger Battalion, you'll battle through over 20 levels based on historical military campaigns of World War II. Fire period weapons and command authentic war vehicles as you silence the gun batteries at Port Arzew and survive the Omaha Beach landing. Medal of Honor: Allied Assault features 22 different enemies, including Gestapo officers, who lurk around every corner. Become immersed in the WWII experience in both single-player and multiplayer modes.

System Requirements
Window Me/95/98/2000s/XP/Higher
733 MHz Intel® Pentium® III or 700 MHz AMD® Athlon™ processor
128 MB RAM
3 GB free hard disk space plus space for saved games
16 MB OpenGL capable video card
DirectX 8.0 compatible sound card
Keyboard; Mouse

Medal of Honor Allied Assault

How To instal:
1. Download The game
2. Extract the game
3. Mount ISO file with Daemon Tools (download Here)
4. Instal the game
5. Copy all data in Crack Folder at mounted DVD to instalation data

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